Sunset from a private residence on Somes Sound, Maine, October 2013.
Butterfly from the Butterflies of Morocco exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Three-image HDR converted to monochrome.
Detail from a larger 3-image HDR photo of roses in a local park.  Normally I don't care for unnatural-looking HDR images, but something about this one really appealed to me.
Angel Statue at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Some people say the statue is crying.
Lighting fixture in the Centennial Chapel at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Light on the wall is from stained glass windows above and opposite.
Prospect Harbor Point Light, Gouldsboro, Maine, late afternoon, October 2013
Prospect Harbor Point Light, Gouldsboro, Maine, at sunset, October 2013
The schooner, Margaret Todd, at Sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine, October 2013